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WeatherTech CargoTech Pro Containment Organizer (Z137)

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WeatherTech CargoTech Pro

The WeatherTech CargoTech Pro Containment and Organizer is a solution that helps to keep organized and secure equipment in your truck bed.

This modular containment system offers two options: four corner pieces and sixteen camlocks, or two corner pieces and eight camlocks. The camlocks secure 1x4 or 1x6 planks, resulting in a containment frame that fences in five-gallon buckets, PVC pipes, drywall and more. The frame length or width can be easily adjusted by simply unlocking the camlocks and sliding the CargoTech Pro corner to the desired location.

There are optional screw holes with taller or wider pieces of wood can be used to adjust the height of the frame. CargoTech Pro can also be used without wooden planks if you need to create a smaller frame.

Attachment points located at the top and sides of each CargoTech Pro piece allow bungee cords, tie down straps or rope to be connected over cargo for additional security. The textured, grippy underside of CargoTech Pro helps keep the contained load from sliding around.

CargoTech Pro is rain and UV resistant and is made from polypropylene and TPE using overmolding. It offers organization and security for SUVs, trucks and vans — ideal for general contractors, plumbers, landscapers and more!

Options to choose from a set of (2) OR a set of (4)