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WeatherTech Kinetic Recovery Rope System (Z082)

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Z082 | OPAR07820PKG
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WeatherTech Kinetic Recovery Rope System

WeatherTech’s Kinetic Recovery Rope System is as much for the fearless hobbyist who explores uncharted terrain as it is for the everyday driver. A must-have in any vehicle emergency kit. Measuring ⅞" in diameter and 20 feet in length, WeatherTech’s kinetic energy recovery rope is the safer choice compared to tow straps, Its soft, double-loop soft shackle as strong as steel, but much lighter. It has a minimal tensile strength of 28,300 lbs. and vehicle weight rating of 9,433 lbs, stretches up to 20% during proper use, black loading mark shows you exactly where to place the load. The Rope will remain durable in the snow, sand, water, mud, unlike metal shackles, it is lightweight and features an external coating that protects load bearing fibers from wear and, you’ll be able to utilize the shackles in any climate or condition because they will never freeze!

  • Made in the USA